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Secure Trade

Secure Trade service by

Secure Trade is an order protection service copyrighted by It increases the trust between buyers and suppliers by covering the product quality and delivery time. We know that you have requirements that need expert attention; therefore we track your shipments by using third party inspection services and report them in the system.


Secure Payments

Maximize the security of every supply chain

Secure Trade protects the wholesale trade between buyers and sellers by guaranteeing money back in case of the supplier's failure to meet the terms of the order which is declared and approved in the contract. Secure Trade policy agreement contains the shipping time, product quality and the quantity; therefore the legal rights of the buyers are protected by the agreement between and the related parties. 

Safe payment with multiple options

Secure Trade online payment options include, credit card and cash payment. Your payment is covered and secured by's system.

To get Secure Trade coverage, you must make the payment to the account designed by Turkeyol Group.

Payment Methods

Free Secure Trade Service for Buyers

Secure Trade is free for buyers who carry out transactions online via platform.

Refund and Chargeback

Secure Trade will solve your chargeback or refund problems in case it is a credit card or cash up to 15 days in pre-shipment model. Limited coverage in post shipment model will be refund after you recieve your goods.

Protection for Product-quality

Your order will be covered in case that the product(s) do not match with the details declared in your contract with the supplier.

Protection for Shipment

Your order will be shipped on time according to the details of your contract with the supplier. In the case of any delay without your permission will be eligible for a refund.

Protection period

Your order will be protected up to 15 days after you receive the goods in post-shipment model.